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    Reduce/Compress Video Size Without Loosing Quality On Android | Compress Video Size Up To 90%

    Hello, Guys Welcome To My Blog, And Today In This Article I Will Teach You How You Can Easily Compress Large Video Files Without Losing Quality. Almost Every Youtuber Or A Video Editor Face These Kind Of Issue, When I Started My Youtube Channel Than Its Difficult To Upload Videos On Youtube Because of The Data Plan Price Like Gold In India 2016 1GB Data price Almost 400 Hundred. So It's Difficult To Upload Video On Youtube For Me If I Create A Video Almost 5 Minutes Than The Video Size Could Be 500Mb To 400Mb So Its Huge For A 5 Minute video So I Decided To Research On Google For That But I Only Get Pc Software  I Didn't Get Any Mobile Software, But Now These days Android Operating Is Almost Like Pc, So I Finally Get 2 Video Compressor Software That I am Going To Share With You.

    Requirements To Run This Types Of Software:-

    Now These Days Every Android Phone Has Almost 1GB Of Ram And A Quadcore Processor Which Is Ok To Run/Install This Video Compressor Apps Without Any Issue. And If You Have A Good GPU Like Mali, Adreno, Nvidia ETC.

    Now Here Are The Applications:-

                                                                  Cover art

    Application/Software Number One:- VidCompact Is A Good Software To Compress Large Video files Without Losing Quality. But I Recommend This Software To New Users like A New Youtuber And they Don't have knowledge About Video Bitrate And Video Frame Rate And Also Video Resolution They Can Use This Software Because It's Very Easy to Use If You Want To Download This VidCompact Than CLICK HERE

    Application Number Two:-

                                                               Cover art

    Video Compressor Is A Good Software To Compress/Reduce Video File Size Without Losing Video Quality. I Recommend This Software To Those User Thay Have Some Basic Knowledge About Video Resolution, Video Bitrate, video Frame rate Because This Software Have Some Advance Feature Like Adjust/Control Video Bitrate And If You Don't Know About Bitrate Than Watch My Video In The Article Down Below. And If You Want To Download This Software Than CLICK HERE

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