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    How To Increase Your Computer Or Laptop Speed Without Using Any Software

    Hello Dear, Welcome to My Blog And Today in this Article I Will Teach you How You can Easily Fast You Computer Or Laptop Without Using Any Software. Now Here Are Tips That you Need to Know Before We Start, First you need Some Knowledge Of Using like Easily Open My Compture Or Some Other Programs Like That. But If You Have Any Problem You Can Watch My Video Tutorial That Will Help You To Increase Your Computer Speed.

    •  Change Your Computer Or Laptop Power Plan 
    Now There Are Many People They Don't Know That Their Computer On Power Saving Mode So First Solve These Very Easy Problem. So you Need To Click On Battery Icon Or You Can Search Power Manegement On Cortana Or Using CMD. 

    Once You Click On The Power Option You Get These Very Sime Steps.

    Now You Guys Need To Check That If Your Computer Or Laptop In Power saving  Or Banance Mode Please Click On High Performence Mode Which you Help You To Increase Your Computer Or Laptop Performence.

    • Step Number 2 To Increase Your Laptop Or Computer Speed.
    Now There Are Many junk Files  That Are Stored In Our Computer But We Don't Know where The Files Is. Now i Am Giving Some Very Simple Tip's And Trick's That Will Help you To find That Junk Files Or Temporary Files.

    Now For Delleting Temp Files ShortCut Is Windows + R Than Write On Search Bar %TEMP% Once You Search you Get Many TEMP Files Now Select All And Dellete All.

    • Now Come To the Startup Of Your Computer Or laptop.
    Now Almost Many People Say That Their Computer Need Almost 2 minutes Or 3 minutes To Startup Of their Computer Now Here Is The Solution Of This Problem. Right Click Anyway of task Bar Or you can Use Shortcut CTRL+SHIT+ESC You Get The Same Task Manegar.

    Now Once you Get There You Need to Click on Start up Once You Click On Startup You Need To End Some Application From Start Up Setting. Let Me Show You How You Can Do this.

    Once You Done All This Steps Than Your Computer Or Laptop Will Be Fast.

    • NOTE:
    Computer Or laptop Speed Depends On Processor Ram Or Which Type Of Harddisk You Use. Now If You Have A 1 Gb ram Pc Or Having A Core 2 Doue Cpu And A Normal Hardisk In This Specification You Think That you Get A Higher Response Than Probably You Didn't Get A Good Performance. So you Have A good RIG pc Or Laptop Than you get A Good Performance.

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